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You want quality refrigeration equipment and store your source of income; Mueller milk tanks set the standard of quality.

Protect your quality milk with
a quality Mueller Tank. bulk tanks Ontario

Buffer tank

We have buffer tank of 320 liters and 600 liters 

Perfect for all milking robot installation!

Brand new Hiperform 111 Mueller Tank

Bulk tank at the cutting edge of technology, with a washing front panel, the Hiperform lll.

Available in all sizes, the control panel helps you ensure the quality of your milk by managing the essential blending, cooling, and cleaning functions of your cooler. Many sizes in stock.

With also a range of features to allow you to select the right level of control for your business!

Chiller i-Cycle

Very versatile and not expensive, they are compact, reliable and superior quality.

Mounted on an aluminium base, all pipes for glycol are in stainless steel!

We offer a wide range of capacity is:

  • 2.5 Hp à 200 Hp,
  • 208-230 volts or 600 volts
  • 1 to 3 phases

Accu-Therm : Plate Heat Exchanger

Use your water supply to reduce refrigeration costs! 

Plates heat exchanger use your regular water supply to pre-cool the milk before it arrives in your cooler. 

It pre-cools the milk around 30°F (-1°C) reducing by 50% the chilling time. 

So you save time and money !