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Our «i-Cycle » Glycol Cooling Systems are custom designed to cool all liquid products. Our quality of manufacture is incomparable on the market.

Everything is done to satisfy our customers, from 2hp to 150 hp, we will answer all your requests.

Stainless Steel Wine and Cider Barrel

Ease and art go hand-in-hand with Paul Mueller Company's cider storage options and commercial winemaking equipment.

Wine and Cider Storage

These stainless steel barrels are perfect for aging unoaked varietals in small quantities or for holding your hard cider pre-carbonation. They are designed to fit in a standard western square rack and can be easily rolled around your facility for mobility of your product.

When you are ready to upgrade the storage in your winery or cidery, our stainless steel barrels are the perfect showpiece for unrivaled beauty and quality in your operation.

Wine Fermenter

From vine to bottle, wine requires the proper environment in order to thrive. Mueller wine fermenters are designed to provide the ideal conditions for fermentation while giving the winemaker superior control over the process. 

Standard Fermenter

Mueller has designed and produced beer fermenters for over 50 years, and along the way we have developed a strong connection with customers and their needs. Their expert engineers and craftsmen have collaborated to create our standard fermenter. From microbrewing to regional brewing these fermenters can meet all of your facility's basic needs.  

Defining Features: 

First-rate appearance and performance. 

Quick lead time - no custom engineering required 

Incorporates proven features from our custom fermenters 

Economical option for smaller breweries

Mueller Porta-Tank

Your winery needs to be flexible and agile to maximize profits. That’s where Mueller porta-tanks can help. These stackable tanks provide a safe, efficient way to move and store your product throughout your facility and can be a space-saving solution. 

Available in standard designs or custom fabricated to suit your commercial winemaking requirements.