Food chiller

Food transformation

Equipment for agri-food
factories or others

We have several equipment for your
cooling or reserve needs

  1. Free heaters
  2. Plate coolers
  3. Bulk tanks
  4. Storage silos
  5. Complete cooling system
  6. Stainless tanks for any use
  7. Glycol chillers

Cook and Chill Tank

Mueller cook and chill tanks (sometimes known as cook and cool tanks) have less movement of material, less opportunity for contamination, and greater control over the hold temperatures. These tanks cook food to a “just done” status and then immediately chill it for storage to be reheated at a later time. 


When it comes to dairy processing equipment, precision and sanitation are vital in producing a quality end product. Mueller's custom processors are backed by decades of experience and expertise and come in a wide range of sizes with unique, customizable features. With our original, patented Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface, our processors assure precise temperature control with optimal heating and cooling of your product. All of our processors also come with a standard #4 finish for sanitary handling and our cleaning-in-place technology allows for ease of maintenance of your equipment without ever compromising the quality of your product.


Your food industry needs to be flexible and agile to maximize profits. That's where Paul Mueller Company porta-tanks can help. These stackable tanks provide a safe, efficient way to move and store your product throughout your facility and can be a space-saving solution. 

Available in standard designs or custom fabricated to suit your commercial.

Fre-Heather: Heat recovery system

No matter the size of your company, you need ample hot water. With the Mueller Fre-Heater® you can capture the heat from your product and inject it back into your potable hot water system. Depending on your cooling system and the amount of your production, 100% of your hot water needs can be supplied by a Fre-Heater.   

Through these systems Mueller encourages sustainability by recycling the heat generated from the tank-cleaning process and using it to fill the hot water heater.   

With our dual jacket, there are no concerns about refrigerant leakage and our industrial-grade, fully insulated glass storage tank assures potable water and minimal heat loss.