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In Canada, food hygiene standards are very high whether the housekeeping, maintenance or cleanliness of the facility. Quality products from the food industry depends on the health of animals and crops, hygienic production, storage conditions and cleanliness of operation and equipment. Entreprises Leblanc et fils inc. knows the saniatires needs of the industry.  We distribut Ecolab products at the farm throughout Quebec. Ecolab provides unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive set of solutions that help increase food safety and product quality.

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Ecolab product list

You can consult all Material Safety Data Sheet here : www.ecolabmsds.ca

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The 4 in 1 Controller

1 single panel - 4 Fonctions :

- Thermograph
- Chronograph
- Bulk tank washing
- Milking washing systems

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Authorized thermograph for the CQM program

The temperature of the milk is checked continually when the system is in 'storage' mode.

Fully control the bulk tank AND milking washing systems.

Automatically check the cleanser concentration with a conductivity-meters.

All required historical by the CQM program are available on the screen in addition to being recorded in the device memory !

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Two models available : with frontal screen or not

You'll never be caught off guard!

If necessary, the system can ben configured to be fully or partially operated in manual mode.

We will perform your annual CQM report, FREE OF CHARGE, when you purchase your ECOLAB's cleaning products from us !