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Entreprises Leblanc et fils Inc knows Every improvement in the poultry industry is important, because of intensive productivity. The ambient temperature is crucial for all types of animal husbandry, but perhaps more in poultry production because of high animal density. The control of temperature and the increase in oxygen are two essential factors to the quality of the environment, resulting in a decrease in mortality of animals. Our high reliability products are designed for simple use that easily adapts to all poultry facilities

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cleaning product

for poultry or more. 

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Super Cooler System : Rescue Model

 Trailer-mounted, removable to be moved and used in several places..This model cools the water which in turn cools the air. The machine is designed for high reliability that easily adapts to all poultry facilities. It is built to cool 2 gallons / min of water at 33F. Installation is quick and simple by connecting the machine to the wash pump.

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Accu-Therm Mueller : Plate Heat Exchanger

Use your water supply to reduce refrigeration costs! Plates heat exchanger can use your water supply to pre-cool the milk before it arrives in your cooler. Pre-cools the milk around 30F (-1C) reducing by 50% the chilling time. So you save time and money!

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Cooling system for poultry

Works with ice water nozzles for air in poultry houses. Lowers the indoor temperature, greatly helps to reduce the loss of animals in hot weather. Model fixed or removable trailer mounted for movement. Easy installation on existing water connection.