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Service to dairy producers our goal is to strive for excellence in providing expertise and refrigeration equipment adequate to meet the requirements of customers and the market. The products offered are recognized and reputed brands. Enterprises  Leblanc et fils Inc. are committed to providing personalized customer service. We have a lot of new tanks in inventory for quick installation, no need to wait! We also have many products that can help reduce energy consumption and thus achieve savings.

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Calf feeder and milkshuttle Urban

Urban products offer optimal herd management. They are by far the leaders in the field and offer more than fifteen advantages over the competition. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about how an Urban product could help you!

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Sanitary products delivery

Leblanc distributes ECOLAB and A&L sanitary products in Eastern Canada. Based on the VOLUME, we are on average between 20% and 50% below the competition! Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with one of our sanitary professionals.

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Feed pusher Ranger

The most manageable feed pusher on the market. The mecanic is simple and it can push up to 550 lbs. The Ranger can turn in both directions and it is IMPOSSIBLE it gets lost!

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Brand new Sentry III Mueller Tank

Bulk tank at the cutting edge of technology, with a washing front panel, the Hiperform lll.

Available in all sizes, the control panel helps you ensure the quality of your milk by managing the essential blending, cooling, and cleaning functions of your cooler. Many sizes in stock.

With also a range of features to allow you to select the right level of control for your business!