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Entreprises Leblanc et fils inc. has products for sectors wineries, brewery and food. Because the result of your work also depends on your tanks and your plant, Entreprises Leblanc et fils Inc. puts its expertise at your service to ensure the best products. You will find here a range of products of all types, in all imaginable sizes and finishes.

Official web site of the glycol chiller I-CYCLE

We go EVERYWHERE in Quebec and eastern Ontario

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This is our glycol chiller!

Our chiller i-Cycle is a patented device for all your refrigeration needs, ranging from 1 to 200 tons! The most durable glycol chiller on the market! Completely in stainless with an aluminium base. Several options available such as communication with your smart phone and many others.

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The base is entirely composed of aluminium !

It's effectiveness has been tested and demonstrated in several types of industries.

The outer cover is all made of stainless steel.

Installation can be done from both inside and outside.

The condenser unit, pumps and the glycol tank are already integrated!

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Different size

Simple & easy to install, an i-Cycle is ready to connect!

We can of course personalized your chiller for your exact needs, but these are dimensions for standard sizes.

Did you know that all pipes for glycol are made of stainless steel!?!

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Wine tank stainless